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Вилла Флавия в Комо
Вилла Флавия в Комо
150 м2
17 600 € / 17 600 €
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Вилла La Dolcezza
Вилла La Dolcezza
500 м2
5 500 € / 4 000 €
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Вилла Камелия
Вилла Камелия
500 м2
29 000 € / 19 000 €
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Commercial property
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  • Lake Como

    Property on Lake Como has always been attractive for permanent and seasonal stay, as well as for profitable long-term investment. Villas on Lake Como are stunning with their grandeur, beauty of architecture, historical significance and gorgeous panoramic views. Recently, buying a house on Lake Como has become a cherished dream.

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  • Lake Magiore

    One of the largest lakes in Northern Italy. The name of the lake is directly related to its size and means "bigger", apparently, "bigger" than other lakes. Lake Maggiore is quite deep (375 m) with clean and transparent water and it is rich with the fish. Famous for its unique natural complex, mountainous landscape and location.

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  • Lake Garda

    Lake Garda has an amazing atmosphere, giving peace and great mood. Lake Garda is conveniently located relative to the key highways, so within a few hours you can reach both the Alpine ski resorts and the fabulous Venice. On our website, there are excellent options suitable for those who are focused on the conquest of mountain peaks, and for those who plan regular trips to the sea.

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  • Lake Lugano

    Lake Lugano is the highest in Italy. It is located at the southern foot of the Alps. This unique beauty attracts with emerald water, it is distinguished by a picturesque coastline, beautiful landscapes, an abundance of bays, rocks and intermountain valleys. The area has a calm and carefree rest and is famous for a large number of architectural attractions.

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  • Liguria

    From France to Tuscany, along the coast of the Ligurian Sea, stretches a picturesque coastline, which has become a favorite holiday destination for many tourists from around the world - the Ligurian Riviera.

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  • Tuscany

    Real estate in Italy (Tuscany) is very popular not by chance. It was from Florence in the Renaissance that Italian and European culture, art and crafts began to flourish. The investment attractiveness of the region is due both to the beauty of local landscapes and the presence of age-old traditions in the lifestyle of the local population.

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  • French Riviera

    Cote d'Azur is a unique and prestigious place, famous for its amazing natural complex and high standard of living. Stunning panoramic views, scenic sunsets, year-round warm and mild climate, a bright palette of colors and aromas of flowers, pine parks, sea coolness mixed with the smells of typical French bakeries - all those things lead to a real delight and you fall in love at first sight!

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